Yogi in a Corporate World #3 – What Yoga Means to Me

Alright! News from the Corporate Yogi world!  I’m attending a teacher training 10 day intensive workshop at my yoga studio! I’m so excited – even arranged for the time off from work. It’s… Continue reading

Date a Girl Who Practices Hot Yoga

This  is such a rad writeup, I just had to share! *** Date a girl who spends money on electrolytes instead of lattes. Who has problems with closet space, not because she has… Continue reading

Yogi in a Corporate World #2

With this journal, I feel like I’m peaking through a portal into the future! Typing my way into another dimension where the rest of my life awaits me. Using these words to transport… Continue reading

Wash it Away

Just picked up my guitar for the first time in months. YES! Playin’ some oldies as well as teaching myself this newbie from Nahko Bear ~ Give a little listen… I think it’s… Continue reading

Triple Goddess – Susan Seddon Boulet

I just found this incredible artist and I wanted to share! Her name is Susan Seddon Boulet ∆ Triple Goddess

Believe in Magick…

Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business. ~Tom Robbins Tom Robbins is undoubtedly one of my favorite writers… his words are like poetry dripping from the pages.… Continue reading

Yogi in a Corporate World – #1

These words are the beginning of a beautiful relationship. A bridge from the person I am now to the person I see myself being in the near future. Right here, right now marks… Continue reading

More Moldavite!

  Two caged moldavite pendants off to new homes!! The shop’s officially closed for the time being ~ goes to show the power of simple request! ∆ As a Stone of Connectivity, Moldavite… Continue reading

Expect To Be A Revolutionary

Powerful words from a truly inspirational woman, that is always speaking the truth and bringing forth important ideas into the dialogue of the times, Tara Sophia Mohr: Expect to be a Revolutionary~ ***… Continue reading

Getting there…

You get there by realizing you are already there! ~ Eckhart Tolle