Lauren Luquin: Intuitive Heart Sanctuary GIVEAWAY!


Just as I was about to sign up for this Online Retreat created by Artist, Poet, Lightworker, Minister of Metaphysics, Creator of the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary, Spiritual Medicine-Maker, Animal-Wise, Lucid Dream Weaver- Lauren Luquin, I saw her most recent post!  She’s GIVING AWAY 2 memberships for Fall!!!  This is the FIRST giveaway I have EVER entered… and I can’t even explain how deeply my spirit is trying to manifest a WIN!
Check it out yourself, she’s such a unique, beautiful spirit… I will find a way to be a part of the Fall gathering of IHS regardless of a win… now to manifest a positive financial situation! 😉

Lauren Luquin: Intuitive Heart Sanctuary: A GiveAway for 2 Member…: Intuitive Heart Sanctuary:   An online retreat for enhancing self-awareness  within community and nature.


“There is a difference between discernment and judgment. But it takes higher awareness to understand that. Discernment comes from our Soul, while judgment comes from our ego personality that lacks higher perspective while observing from a non neutral place. Discernment always comes from a neutral observation and a field of Divine Love
~Polana Somrak