Yogi in a Corporate World #3 – What Yoga Means to Me

Alright! News from the Corporate Yogi world!  I’m attending a teacher training 10 day intensive workshop at my yoga studio! I’m so excited – even arranged for the time off from work. It’s the perfect way for me to develop my practice for myself and my future teaching! The ten days starts on November 1st but the homework has already started! Amongst the essays we’ve been asked to write was one asking us what yoga is to us. Yes, I know – the quintessential question to ask a yogi… But I bet the more you ask the more varied the answers are because yoga is a vast and beautiful collage, and every piece is different. Here is my response to the question-reflection


It’s incredible, really. How something you live and breathe, something you are such a part of … something that holds such a place in your heart can be so difficult to explain to others who haven’t experienced it… even those closest to you who don’t have a yoga practice. It’s not like you can just hand someone an experience like you can hand them an apple… letting them examine it in their hands and with their eyes… using all of their senses to absorb the experience. To me, yoga is about walking the talk… and despite the fact that words will never do, sometimes, it’s all we have! So, take a bite, this is me handing you a figurative yoga apple…

My understanding of yoga is constantly evolving with my practice. But my first thought is, to me yoga is a sanctuary. I found it at a very pivotal point in my life, and it felt like I was stepping into the next chapter. It came as a result of my desperate search for natural balance in my life. At that point, my balance was incredibly off… I was suffering, and I had somewhat spun out of control. On the outside, I looked fine, but I was just going through the motions. I was talking a lot of beautiful talk, but my walk wasn’t even walking! I was tired. I was hungry. I needed something to feed my body and soul…to keep me on track, to reunite me with myself. I needed to center my movement. Simplify.

I thank the universe every day for what yoga is to me in my life. And even though it seems I struggle and turn my nose away, at times skipping class… I know that yoga does not judge. Sometimes the doubt creeps in after a little while away from the mat, but I know that in the end, yoga will always be there for me… Just smiling and waiting like a patient friend for my return.

For me- Yoga is a method of achieving balance in so many forms. It’s a way to connect the mind with the body, with the soul…It’s a ladder to the higher self. It’s a reminder of the imagination… It’s a moving meditation, bringing me on a journey continually back to myself. To me, yoga is about acceptance, and surrender, devotion, trust and faith. Yoga is a test of my ego and therefor a conduit for understanding myself and the world that surrounds. Yoga is about proper alignment. It’s a constant reminder of the NOW. It has helped me embrace the present while letting go of the past.

waterfall Yoga is about self-discipline. I’ve found that with a consistent practice my entire life folds around my yoga routine. Everything is sharpened, the lens has been cleaned off and I can see clearly. My diet naturally improves, my mind is on point, and my mindset is positive and full of inspiration. Yoga makes me kinder, more compassionate and more aware.

Yoga is an ocean of community, is a full moon glowing, flowing, washing over me. Yoga is about actively meditating on the nature of the self. On the mat I am drawn to express myself as I truly am. There is no other place I feel such a deep communion with self and all that is.

Yoga is a struggle! And sometimes yoga is a strange, beautiful, hot mess. Sometimes yoga is fussy. Sometimes it’s just sitting in the back of the room tempting me with my own frustrations… challenging me to rise to the occasion.  Yoga isn’t about being perfect, Yoga is falling and its getting back up again. Yoga is about strengthening the self, and fending off ones demons by facing them head on. Yoga is yin and yang, light and dark… yoga is balance.

Yoga is about not caring what others think. Yoga is about taking off the blindfold. Yoga is a mirror. Yoga is truth that you have to dig to uncover. Yoga is in everything I do. Yoga is breath. Yoga is walking the talk. Yoga is about awakening to our higher self. Yoga is about falling into grace.

Yoga has forever altered my path and I will always be grateful for it in my life!