Another little before and after…

This is a custom sterling silver caged fluorite necklace that I did a few months back.  It is actually the necklace that first inspired the filigree like swirls which continue to be a… Continue reading

Everything is going to be amazing.

NO REGRETS! All this time… and here I am!  All this time, getting lost in the chaos!  Sometimes you need to lose yourself a little to truly find yourself though!  I am definitely one… Continue reading

Lost in the Chaos…

Inspiration comes slowly and quietly… but… Sometimes cluttered minds can begin to unwind when they stand the test of time… in solitude.  Be present, be free, be full of danger!  For wherever we are is… Continue reading

Now & Then

As an artist, I have always been intrigued by the process by which things come to be what they are. This is just a little sneak peak of the way this beautiful Carnelian… Continue reading